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Frequently Asked Questions about our Company and Website

Where is Tuckahoe Trading located?

Tuckahoe Trading is located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA, a suburb of Philadelphia. For contact information, please visit our Contact page.

Does Tuckahoe Trading offer sales and services outside of the United States?

Yes. We have clients in all parts of the world, spanning through more than 30 countries.

Can I make a purchase through your website?

While our website does not offer an online checkout process, we do encourage our customers to view our online catalog of products and services and then contact us directly via phone or email to make a purchase. Our phone number is (267) 337-0290 or Send us an email at chris@tuckahoetrading.com

Can you supply other industry-related products and services not seen on the website?

If you have a special request for us, please let us know!  We are dedicated to satisfying our customers and will do our best to serve your unique business needs.

Can Tuckahoe Trading send a representative to my place of business?

Yes. If you are located in our local distribution regions, we would love to set up an appointment to meet you. To view our distribution regions, please click here. A Tuckahoe representative can supply a wealth of information to you and your staff about fusing equipment and supplies, laser engraving and laser marking, and specialty metalworking / grinding machinery. To discuss having a Tuckahoe representative visit you, please contact us at (267) 337-0290 or send us an email at chris@tuckahoetrading.com

Are the fusing products sold by Tuckahoe Trading compatible with all fusing machinery?

In most cases, our products are compatible with your fusing machinery. We are familiar with a wide range of fusing machine manufacturers and are glad to help with all types of fusing questions. If you have questions about specific machines, we encourage you to contact us and find out. Our phone number is (267) 337-0290 or send us an email at chris@tuckahoetrading.com

How can I find out the prices of products, services and machinery available from Tuckahoe Trading?

Please contact us to obtain pricing information. Our phone number is (267) 337-0290 or send us an email at chris@tuckahoetrading.com

Should I contact Tuckahoe Trading even if I’m not ready to make a purchase but want to learn more about the products, services or machinery?

Yes! We encourage anyone with questions about our company, our products and services, or our website to contact us to learn more. Our phone number is (267) 337-0290 or send us an email at chris@tuckahoetrading.com

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Products and Services

What is Resin-X?

Resin-X Belt Cleaning Powder is a safe, effective, simple solution to common debris and sticky residue problems on the Teflon belts of fusing machines. Tuckahoe Trading developed Resin-X after realizing there was a need for a cleaner that was safer than chemical solutions, and affordable for the apparel industry. Learn more about Resin-X Belt Cleaner.

How should I maintain a fusing machine, and what are the benefits of proper maintenance?

You should follow the recommendations of your fusing machine manufacturer for proper maintenance, but some basic maintenance guidelines apply to all fusing machinery.

  • Check the temperature profile of your fusing machine through regular testing with our Temperature Testing Tape.
  • By regularly cleaning the Teflon belts with Resin-X and soft Cleaning Flags, you will extend the life of the belt, prevent damage to fabric from staining and sticking, and increase production through fewer mishaps and faster cleaning times.
  • Delay the replacement of your Teflon belts by patching minor scrapes and holes with industrial strength Belt Patch Tape.
  • Replace Teflon belts when are ripped or when they completely lose the Teflon coating.

Why should I regularly test the temperature of the fusing machine?

Temperature testing tapes help manage two common problems in fusing that can threaten fusing quality: uneven temperature between the center of the belt and the outer edges of the belt, and the difference in temperature between the thermostat setting and the actual temperature reaching the (glue line). Temperature testing tape establishes the “temperature profile” of your fusing machine, and allows you to make adjustments to the machine’s thermostat to achieve optimum bonding temperature or to identify a problem that may require immediate repair.

How often should I clean the Teflon belts on my fusing machine?

The need for cleaning varies widely depending on the material and interlining being fused. Lightweight interlinings or excessive heat can sometimes cause the melted adhesive to soak through the interlining and contaminate the belt. In addition, inaccurately cut fabric or interlining, or inaccurate material placement can cause belt contamination by allowing the adhesive face to directly touch to belt. If your fusing process is very clean, then one application of Resin-X per day should keep the belt clean and slippery smooth. Many companies clean the belts by using a cleaning flag during lunch and other breaks, and this often quite effective as well. If you have a heavy transfer of adhesive to the belts you may need to clean more often.

How long do Teflon belts generally last on fusing machines?

The life expectancy of fusing belts varies widely. The biggest factor is how well the fusing machine manages the belt tracking. Poor belt tracking puts stress on the belt and can cause wear or belt creasing which in turn causes cracks and rips on the belt. Incorrect belt tracking can destroy a new set of belts in a matter of minutes. Small fusing machines tend to have simple belt tracking systems that may allow the belts to last from a few months to a year. Large machines are often able to run a set of belts for several years. Accidents such as scissors or pens passing through the machine or mechanical failures claim many belts prematurely.

When should a Teflon belt be replaced?

If the belt has rips or holes it should be replaced. Even small holes can allow a great deal of fusing residue to pass through the belt into the fusing machine. This can coat the heaters and rollers and eventually degrade the performance of the machine. Tuckahoe Trading provides made-to-order Teflon Belts for most types of fusing machines.

Is laser engraving a time-consuming or expensive process?

The laser engraving process is fast compared to most engraving and marking processes. Some jobs that are very difficult using traditional engraving techniques are easy to do with the laser. Please call us to discuss your needs.

How can Tuckahoe Trading help me get the right specialty machinery for my business?

The foundation of our business is building strong relationships with our customers. With honesty and integrity, we share our technical and business knowledge to help our customers make good machinery decisions.

If I purchase machinery through Tuckahoe Trading, can I expect any follow-up service or initial operating instruction and help?

The importance of training and service can not be understated. We operate in an extremely technical and competitive market. The smart technology we offer is not just in the machine; we apply technology in innovative ways to help our customers gain an advantage.

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Affiliated Machinery Manufacturers

The following list of companies represents affiliates of Tuckahoe Trading. Questions? Contact us.

United Grinding Technologies Inc.

510 Earl Boulevard
Miamisburg, OH 45342
P: (937) 859-0657

Foba North America

159 Swanson Road
Boxborough, MA 01719-130
P: (519) 572-8695

DATRON Dynamics Inc.

115 Emerson Road
Milford, NH 03055
P: (603) 672-8890

Transor Filter USA Inc.

P: (847) 640-0273

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