GSA – EOS Plastic Powders

EOS MATERIALS PLASTICS PA 2200 9012-0014 PA 2200: Slightly whiter than PA 2201 Biocompatable, whithstands high mechanical/thermal load
EOS MATERIALS PLASTICS PA 2221 9012-0072 PrimePart® PLUS (PA 2221): Natural color, whithstands high mechanical/thermal load. Certificates available for biocompatibility, food contact.
EOS MATERIALS PLASTICS PA 2201 9012-0019 PA 2201: Natural color, biocompatable, whithstands high mechanical/thermal load.
EOS MATERIALS PLASTICS PA 2202 9012-0037 PA 2202 Black: Black pigmented, whithstands high mechanical/thermal load.
EOS MATERIALS PLASTICS PA 3200 9012-0017 PA 3200 GF: Whitish, high-stiffness and wear resistance
EOS MATERIALS PLASTICS 9012-0029 Alumide®: Metallic grey, dimensionally accurate, machinable. Increased Thermal conductivity, high stiffness
EOS MATERIALS PLASTICS 9012-0043 CarbonMide®: Black, light-weight, extreme stiffness and strength. Thermal and limited electrical conductivity.
EOS MATERIALS PLASTICS PA 2241 9012-0077 Polyamide 12 Flame Retardant PrimePart® FR PA 2241 FR White. Material certificates available for flammability. Passes the aerospace FAR 25-853 60 vertical burn test.
EOS MATERIALS PLASTICS PA 2210 9012-0045 Polyamide 12 Flame Retardant PA 2210 FR White, halogen-free material. Contains chemical flame retardant. Passes the UL 94-VO test at 2 mm thickness.
EOS MATERIALS PLASTICS PA 1101 9012-0091 PA 1101: Natural color, from renewable sources. High detail resolution, ductility, strength, strain.
EOS MATERIALS PLASTICS PA 1102 9012-0100 PA 1102: Black, color stability, ductile, homopolymer General chemical, solven, grease, oil resistance
EOS MATERIALS PLASTICS PEBA 2301 9012-0058 PrimePart® ST (PEBA 2301): Soft Touch. White, soft material, flexible, springy, airtight. Rubber like flexibility (Shore D35) No infiltration needed.
EOS MATERIALS PLASTICS 9012-0053 PrimeCast® 101: Grey, for lost patterns, minimal remaining ash content. Polystrol

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