Apparel Machinery

Kuris Wastema

Kuris Wastema builds the worlds finest fabric cutting and spreading machines at their factory in Germany. They offer a complete line of apparel machinery, from hand held electric cutting machines to fully CNC cutting and spreading machines. The Novita Super is extremely heavy duty and built to meet the special demands of industrial fabric cutting.

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Korea Fiblon

Korea Fiblon builds very rugged, reliable fusing and pressing machines. For simple, low cost fusing machines that will produce a good quality result, Korea Fiblon is your best choice.

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Tuckahoe Trading is driven to find and provide the most advanced technology in apparel machinery available in the world today. These machines must be production proven, of the highest quality and backed by the best service.

Tuckahoe Trading is a distributor for the machinery built and sold by these manufacturers. To speak with us about machinery from these manufacturers, please contact us at (215) 345-9275 or email us at