Belt Patch Tape

Belt Patch Tape (18 yards per roll)

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Self-adhesive Belt Patch Tape is an easy and inexpensive way to repair minor holes in fusing machine belts. Belt Patch Tape is Teflon coated fiberglass that is similar to fusing machine belt material. It is important to patch small holes that if left unattended may allow fusing residue to pass through and contaminate the fusing machine heaters, rollers and other internal parts.

Belt Patch Tape is available in individual 3-inch wide rolls, 18-yards in length, and bulk orders.

How to Use Belt Patch Tape

  • Always wait until the machine has been turned off and has been allowed to cool completely. The adhesive will have trouble sticking to a hot Teflon surface.
  • Thoroughly clean the area with alcohol. Make sure that all traces of fusing machine belt cleaner are removed from the area.
  • Cut the Belt Patch Tape to the desired size. Your patch will be less likely to snag if you round the corners of the patch you cut out.
  • Peel away the protective backing to expose the adhesive and stick the patch to the damaged area of the belt. Carefully rub the patch with a blunt object for approximately 15 seconds to achieve maximum bond.

Safety Precautions!

  • Only use Belt Patch Tape on a cool fusing machine, and never attempt to use it when the machine is in use.
  • Belt Patch Tape will not fix large holes or heavily ripped belts
  • Belt Patch Tape should be used as a temporary repair method for minor rips and holes. Belt suffering from serious damage should be replaced or welded with a belt welding iron.