Cleaning Flag Material

Cleaning Flags

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Cleaning Flags, used in combination with our Resin-X Cleaning Powder, are a very effective and inexpensive way of removing fusible residue from Teflon belts. A cleaning flag helps protect the Teflon surface by reducing hand rubbing on the belt. It cleans slowly and gently while the operators are on break. It also wipes the belt in only one direction, which reduces the risk of contamination when wiped over the edge of the belt and into the machine.

Our Cleaning Flag material can be purchased by the yard and is 55-inches wide. It is very heavy cotton, double knit flannel.

How to Make Your Own Cleaning Flags

  • Materials: Tuckahoe Trading Cleaning Flag material, and a steel bar that has a length longer than the width of the fusing machine.
  • The cleaning flag should be approximately 2 feet long and have a width slightly narrower than the width of the Teflon belt.
  • Sew one end of the cleaning flag so that it forms a sleeve through which the steel bar can slide.
  • Once the steel bar is inside the cleaning flag sleeve, the flag should hang between 1-2 feet long.

How to Use Your Cleaning Flag

  • Sprinkle Resin-X Cleaning Powder on the hot fusing belt while the machine is running.
  • Load the loose end of the cleaning flag into the loading area of the fusing machine. The flag will be drawn in until the steel bar comes to a rest at the opening of the machine. The bar prevents the flag from being completely pulled through the machine.
  • Allow the flag to collect the residue and the Resin-X while safely cleaning the belt’s surface.
  • Remove the flag. Do not allow the machine to stop and cool with a cleaning flag in place or it could get stuck to the machine.

Safety Precautions!

  • Be careful when deciding on your cleaning flag’s length. The flag should be short enough so that very little tension is created. The operator should be able to easily remove the cleaning flag with one hand.
  • Always remove the cleaning flag before turning off the machine. A considerable amount of fusing adhesive can accumulate on the flag, and if it cools in the machine it can harden and get stuck.
  • The use of cleaning flags may not be appropriate for your specific fusing machine. The design of fusing machines varies widely. If you have any questions about the use of cleaning flags with your fusing machine, we recommend that you contact us, or contact the manufacturer directly.