Temperature Testing Tape

Temperature Testing Tape (40 strips per package)

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Temperature Testing Tape is available in packages of 40 one-time-use strips, or bulk orders.

Our Temperature Testing Tape is the easiest and most accepted method of ensuring consistent performance of fusing machines and comes at a very reasonable price. We offer Testing Tapes for three temperature ranges:

  • 220-290 degrees Fahrenheit: Most common temperature range
  • 290-360 degrees Fahrenheit: Mostly for shirt collars and cuffs
  • 350-420 degrees Fahrenheit: Mostly for transfer printing

Accurate temperature, reliable fusing.

When using a fusing machine, it is critical to know that the interlocking resin reaches the correct temperature for good bonding. Even though fusing machines offer controls that regulate the machine’s temperature, testing tapes confirm that the correct amount of heat is reaching the thermoplastic resin thereby achieving optimum bond performance. It is not uncommon for the actual glue line temperature to be 30 degrees below the fusing machine thermostat setting. Temperature testing tapes should be used to calibrate the thermostat controls.

The amount of heat being transferred during the fusing process can vary with the loading rate and fabric weight, and the difference in the temperature of the belt at the center and the edges can be great. Testing Tapes give you an accurate temperature profile reading to help prevent quality problems due to inconsistent heat transference. Temperature tapes are the most accurate method of checking the fusing process because the tapes gauge the temperature in the exact spot where the heat is needed.

How to Use Temperature Testing Tape

To test the temperature of the belt, run tape across the width of the belt. To test the temperature of the glue line, place the tape between the material and interlining.