About Us

Tuckahoe Trading is located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA, a suburb of Philadelphia. We distribute high precision grinding, milling, and EDM machines, industrial laser engraving, 3D printing solutions and polishing machines. We help companies use new technology and processes to improve their production.

We are very fortunate to represent some of the worlds best machine tool builders. High accuracy, innovative methods, speed, high performance materials, and quality, this is our motivation. We have manufacturing solutions and we look for problems to solve.

Our customers are amazing! They have made air travel safe. They make the microelectronics you are using now. They build replacement parts for the human body; stronger, faster, lighter, constantly evolving, and always striving to improve. We are inspired by our customers and treasure these relationships.

Plowing new ground is risky. It is more comfortable to follow the well-worn path. To take on something new can improve your life or cause more problems. When buying capitol equipment and changing a process the stakes can be high. Making the decision to change is only half of the process. We stay with our customers through the implementation and take great pride in their success!

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Chris Cowan
Tuckahoe Trading
94 North Hamilton Street
Doylestown, PA 18901

Email: chris@tuckahoetrading.com
Phone: (267) 337-0290
Fax: (215) 345-9247